Lake keeper cabin

The picturesque cabin overlooks the magnificent lake of Ram with its beautiful vally of apple and cherry orchards , and the mountains surrounding it.
Apart from the lake view, the cabin holds a special charm deriving from its surprising colorfulness, a perfect devision of the space between the royal sleeping platform, a large mahogany table on top of the view, an original made kitchen with unique facility, and a "shanty" platform with huge cushions providing real outstretching in front of the screen and its quality films, beside a wood fire place. The bathroom is the climax – with a glass ceiling totally reflecting the sky , creating a whole different bathing experience.
The cabin has a large private yard overlooking the view, surrounded by fruit and cherry trees, and at its center a huge private spa pool – all yours at day and night. Submerging in the hot water at all seasons, under the roof of the sky and above the panoramic view of the lake – is our formula for total merging with the pastoral nature.
The cabin's inner design and location creats a serene and delightful ambience. its in-room amenities include air-conditioning, a wood fireplace: a t.v. L.c.d. screen with d.v.d/ c.d player + a large collection of films and music, bath robes and sleepers, soaps made of real etheric oils, and a large variety of refreshment including: goat cheese, boutique wine of the Golan hights region, beers and soft drinks, seasonal fruit, freshly grounded coffee, a collection of various types of tea and fresh herbs, home made cakes and cookies, mixed nuts, and more, + a rich unique breakfast which is brought to the cabin straight from Gilad & Yael's kitchen – all included in the price.
The cabin is suitable for a couple + 2 – it has a large double kingsize mattress and two individual mattresses on the "shanty" wooden platform. Two couples can share it as well.